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rh_stillness's Journal

Ron and Hermione Stillness
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Welcome to the Ron and Hermione Stillness challenge.

The Rules:
1. Icons can not be animated.
2. No voting for yourself or getting others to vote for you.
3. Your icon must be anonymous until the contest has ended.
4. You cannot take an icon without the creator's consent.
5. You can only submit icons you have made yourself.

The Submission(s):
1. Comments will be screened.
2. You will need a host that allows remote linking.
3. Include the image and its URL.

The Schedule:
MON: New Challenge | FRI: Voting | SUN: Results

The Affiliates:
elitescifi hermione_stills gof_stills emily_stillness hpgraphixmakers lotr_sw_hp_art gof_stillness snicket_stills hp_icon_contest hgranger_chorus rweasley_chorus lww_stillness hp__ichallenge ron_stillness hp_idols neville_iconic poa_stillness rh_challenge snape_stillness darkhp_icontest thewlis_stills ginny_challenge losticontenders coutureicontest harrypchallenge hp_competition hp_icontest_ hpcast_hush hp_stills mix_it_up_ic hpotter_chorus ldws rh_lims ashleyt_lims faith_lims reese_stills bloom_lims hpm_stillness brittstillness hhr_lims hunnam_stills jrm_stills lumos_icontests bjstillness.

If you want to be affiliated just comment here.